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Mark Sheppard

Fans of Mark Sheppard-

Great news for the SPN+ 2023… Mark Sheppard Is joining the tour!

Mark Sheppard (“Crowley” in Supernatural and “Nathaniel Hagan” in Walker: Independence) is hitting the road ahead in select cities on the Salute to Supernatural and More 2023 Tour.

Mark will be appearing at these 2023 shows: Atlanta (March 3-5), New Orleans (March 31-April 2), Charlotte (August 18-20), Minneapolis (Sept. 8-10) & Jacksonville (Nov. 3-5).

He’ll be appearing on Sunday, taking photos and signing in-person autographs for those with his a la carte tickets.

Check out all the great SPN+ conventions and join us for a most excellent hunt at your favorite destination!

Tickets are on sale tomorrow — we’ll send out an e-blast when they’re on sale, so make sure you’re signed up for our mailing list!


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