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Lauretta Spang and Sarah Rush at Gallifrey One Convention- Los Angeles, CA

Classic Battlestar Galactica fans, check it out, Laurette Spang "Cassiopea" and Sarah Rush "Flight Corporal Rigel" appearing today at Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles! If you look close in that first photo on Laurette's right (her left if you're facing her), you'll see this amazing lady has a collection box on her table for our beloved Lt. Bojay aka Jack Stauffer.

ICYMI: Jack is currently recovering from leg amputation surgery a few weeks back. You can watch Laurette talk about it here: then if you feel so inclined and want to help, Jack's

GoFundMe page link is here: Looks like they have met about half the goal of the expenses they need so we want to continue help spread the word.

Photo source Laurette Spang


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