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Raven CAC Card ID














All personnel assigned to the Raven is given and assigned an ID Access CAC Card  with a bar code strip on the back.  The card allows all member personnel, access to the ship and other place authorize encoded on the card.  All personnel are to keep this card safe to prevent UNAUTHORIZE use of it.  If you happen to lose it, notify Command immediately so that the card may be deactivated and a new one issued.  Also, be prepared to explain to your Commanding Officer why the card was lost.  Paperwork maybe issued or not..


The ID Access Card also shows current pilot wing earned if a pilot.  If one is a member of the command staff or any other department, it will contain their current rank.  Colonial flag on top of the ID Access card signifies personnel member is assigned to the flagship ship of the fleet.


NOTE:  All personnel are required to submit a photo of themselves so it maybe put on the ID CAC Card so you can be easily identified that it is you and NOT a  "copy" walking around, pretending to be you.

-  All personnel are also required to have a bio so people can know a little about you and what your accomplishments are within the fleet.


EARNING YOUR WINGS: You must take and past the Viper and Raptor Qualifications test depending on what your primary assignment will be.  If you are a dual pilot, then you must also pass the Raptor Pilot test. NO EXCEPTIONS!  





- Must be a highly motivated individual

- Understand the responsibilities of recruiting for your squadron will be your responsibilites.  Of course Command will render help in helping you man your squadron

-MUST have pass Viper Qualifications test with at least a 98% score in the test.  You cannot be a squadron leader if you cannot fly a Viper right......

-Must be able to perform the job right of what is required of you as a Squadron Commander

-You must be a team player.  There is no "I" on team.

-Respect your fellow peers.

-You must command yourself accordingly and do not bring dishonor upon yourself and your squadron

-Appointment must be approved by the Commanding Officer 

-Must maintain communications with everyone specially the Command Staff (communications is a must)


**The same standards apply to be a Raptor Squadron Leader but taking the Raptor Exam instead



Fleet SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures) :

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