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The Raven Command Battle Group Members are the ones that decides the day to day operation aboard the Raven Battle Group and the direction the group takes.  The overall person in charge and makes the ultimate decision is the Commanding Officer with the inputs of the Command Staff Members.

Raven 1

Raven Command Member

Raven Actual 


  • Callsign- DragonLady

  • Rank- Rear Admiral

  • Position-Commanding Officer

  • Email-

  • Deparment- Command


Raven Command Member

​Steve Tweed


  • Callsign- Kreios

  • Rank- Major

  • Position- Executive Officer/ 2nd in Command/ Quorum of 12 President

  • Email-

  • Department- Command

Raven Command Member

Leslie Freya


  • Callsign- Freya

  • Rank- Lieutenant

  • Position-OPS Officer

  • Email-

  • Deparment- Command

Raven Command Member

​Jeff Phillips


  • Callsign- Gambit

  • Rank- Captain

  • Position-  Chief Engineering Officer

  • Email-

  • Department- Engineering


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