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Galacticon 4 - 5 Years ago, can be better described coming from the man the BSG Community considers as “The Father To Them All”- RICHARD HATCH.

He was someone that took the reign of helping his friend that was forced to step in, and help stir the “sinking ship” to salvage the convention for the fans and those BSG guest still attending Galacticon 4.

Despite all the problems and negative press the convention garnered , a lot of the fans who attended, walked away with a great experience. And this is because of those remaining staff members, who most of them are members of Battlestar Galactica Fan Club and Battlestar Raven led then by the now current BFC President, DragonLady, alongside Shawn O’Donnell and Cheryl Dubuque, made it happen. What all these people did for the fans and BSG guest in attendance at Galacticon 4, will never be forgotten.

Written By: Rob H.


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