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ALL-CON: Community Spirit Benefactors


Goes to show you the kind of people and character we have in our BSG Community and just as a whole in the Syfy Community with our Flagship Chapter Battlestar Raven-BFC 002 leading by example- This is from All-Con Dallas. God bless those people running this con. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.


Many costs go into the production of a convention... most of which have no monetary return when tragedy strikes, such as a cancellation. Celebrity and Industry Guests are provided airfare, hotel, meals, car service to and from the airport, luggage fee reimbursement, and transport to and from their home airport in addition to any appearance fees, guarantees, and per diem negotiated by their representatives. There are print and material costs for the t-shirts, lanyards, badges, printed programs, hall and guest banners. The hotel bill does not go away for a cancellation: deposits, event space rental, contractual room night minimums. There are also costs for production, advertising, and equipment rentals along with content prize budgets and trophies. All the things that make ALL-CON your favorite con came from somewhere and most of it has to be paid in advance.

The mid-event cancellation of 2020 for COVID-19 was the first time in sixteen years we would have been unable to fulfill our financial obligations after fully refunding every request. An additional line of credit got us through the 2020 payoff. The amount of debit we took on would have been significantly greater if the community of 2020 Community Spirit Benefactors had not PROACTIVELY intervened to save the convention by contributing their 2020 payments instead of asking to have them refunded. Whether you are reading this in the year 2020, 2025, 2030 or beyond, know that ALL-CON would not be here if it were not for those listed above.

For the recovery of ALL-CON 2021 and to buffer against any future hardships, ALL-CON has established a Community Spirit fund where you can participate to join the convention in guaranteeing the future of the convention.


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