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9th Chapter Anniversary

Hello Colonials-

Today, marks the official 9th Chapter Anniversary of the Battlestar Raven-BFC 002. Looking back at her early years when she was still known as Battlestar Tigerclaw, I could not have done it alone to get her to where she is now. I am forever THANKFUL for the Staff and Crew I have now and the friends we made along the way. They help me grow her.

I still remember when she was given to me by the then President of the Battlestar Galactica Fanclub Shawn O’Donnell and my first reaction- “WTH! How do you grow an online fan group that has nothing added to its name. How do you build it up!”

Let me tell you, it’s NOT easy! Anybody can build an online group but unless you can be more than that, than you are just an online group! Under the tutelage of Shawn O’Donnell and the late Richard Hatch on the side, I learn the trade from them. I remember Shawn telling me to balance myself out and learn to deal with people from Hollywood differently versus how I would deal with troops in the military.

Building the Battlestar Raven did not come overnight. It took years of hard work, creativity, networking, adding things to its name such as the Raven Fleet, working with conventions all around to build our reputation and develop a good relationship with them. And most importantly, you have to find the right crew to help you. Without them, you will have a hard time making things successful. I am truly thankful for the crew I have aboard the Raven. They stuck with me through thick and hard times. And as Raymond Reddington would say - “Value loyalty above all else!” We became a true 2nd family because of those hard times for that is when our loyalty to each other were tested. Our respect for each other also evolved through the years that is why we do things and make decision as a group! We don’t make “command decision” without involving everyone.

So, to the Staff, Crew and Friends of Battlestar Raven, HAPPY 9th Chapter Anniversary to all of you! Stay strong and we will see each other at a convention soon enough! But for now, STAY HOME and be safe!


In Service,

Raven Actual


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