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20th Anniversary of the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club

2 July 2019 - I just want to take a moment of my time to say the following. This individual has done a phenomenal job doing work for the BFC. As most people know who are on my personal page know, my time to physically do graphics design has been tremendously cut down due to my new responsibilities at work. I still do them, but spend limited time on it. Everytime I call on this individual to design something for the BFC / Raven, he gets things done at a timely manner. He never complains and loves a challenge. He puts my ideas to life. So without further ado, I would like to announce that from this day forward, Alexander Bohm, is now the BFC’s Official Graphics Designer. I will update the Leadership structure listing when I get the chance. CONGRATULATIONS ALEXANDER for a job well done. Your work is greatly appreciated. 📍Also Colonials, we have an OFFICIAL 20th Anniversary poster for All-Con Dallas next year. As you all know, the BFC supports both shows ( original and RDM ). So we hope you like the poster design. The design is courtesy of the BFC’s NEW Offcial Graphics Designer. **📍Feel free to spread the poster around! We all look forward to seeing all of you next year alongside the Classic Series Cast Members present at All-Con Dallas. **📍There will be a private celebration next year for this momentous occasion!! More details to come! 📆 MARK THE FOLLOWING DATES- 📍📍- All-Con 2020 - March 12-15, 2020 In Service, DragonLady BFC President 

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