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Upcoming Battlestar Raven- BFC 02 8th Anniversary

March 27, 2019 -

8th Chapter Anniversary of the Battlestar Raven Battle Group. In honor of this occasion, we will be awarding two Raven Command Challenge Coin ( they are rare and one of kind in existence- can only be obtained by being awarded by it ), to two lucky individuals, who can show us your BEST imitation of your favorite character on the show -

⭐️ 1. 1 winner with the best cosplay photo from the ORIGINAL SERIES

⭐️ 2. 1 winner with the best cosplay photo from the RE-IMAGINED SERIES

and submit that photo to us by DM us here. Submissions must be entered to us no later than March 26th and the winner will be announced on our page here on March 27th.

The Raven Command Staff Members will then take a vote. The two winners will be awarded the Raven Command Challenge Coins and their profile will also be featured in all our social media outlets. ”KEEPING THE FAITH ALIVE!”

So Say We All!!!

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