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Richard Hatch Turned One Season of 'Battlestar Galactica' into a Lifetime

In 1978, Battlestar Galactica ran one season and 26 episodes. While quickly fading into oblivion off all the publicity it received as a Star Wars rip off, core fans never forgot it, and the show’s star made its resurrection almost a life’s pursuit. But before Richard Hatch became ensnared in Galactica’s mythology, he was a down to earth Classic TV actor who first received name recognition by replacing Michael Douglas in the Streets of San Francisco. “That was pretty terrifying. When you’re a stranger entering into a successful formula, everybody is friendly, but they are also waiting to see if you will be able to carry your part,” said Hatch. Complicating matters was the mixed message he was getting from home in regards to replacing Michael Douglas. “The problem was my girlfriend was in love with Michael Douglas. So instead of being excited for me, she was upset that he was leaving the show,” said Hatch. Nonetheless, Hatch settled in with the support of Douglas, who shared the screen for two final episodes. “I got a look at my early footage, and I realized it was working on some level. That gave me confidence and things got easier,” said the Santa Monica born actor. Only lasting another year, Hatch’s career was off and running. “It was a big 

launch for me. I got a bunch of cop roles and movies of the week afterwards,” he said.

Source -  Entertainment

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