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Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to make something clear here real quick with in regards to the Battlestar Raven Social Media outlets.

The Battlestar Raven Social Media outlets, are ALL open for all genres to join, post, like a comment or share a post with us, unless you are a spammer or a group that we chose NOT to work with because of past dishonorable act and work ethics experience with you. And there are but only a couple of them that we DO NOT want to work with because of certain individuals who just simply cannot be trusted on the side or who have used their fictional position and rank, like it was real, mixing it with real life ( "HELLO! EARTH TO JOE!!!!! " ), to push people around, demean other groups!! That, we DO NOT want to work it. The Raven Battle Group have worked so hard to be a premier GO TO kinda group with all our fellow Syfy fans, friends and family. And we will continue to strive to become better every year with the help of everyone who have supported through good and bad times.

We also understand each group has their own rules of how to run their pages. But clarify how I run my group, I will post the simple rules I implemented on the Raven Social Media outlets:

1. Respect one another

2. No bashing each other because each and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Will all agree, of course not.

3. No bashing of either shows ( Classic or RDM). Some may like the Classic only and some may like both. Nothing wrong with that. Both shows existed in their own time and are both important to the many fans around the globe.

4. NO political posting ( we have enough of that from CNN and other news station )

5. Before deleting a post, make sure you read first before assuming anything ( mainly for admins of the page groups or fan pages ). Kindly tell the person first why you as admin will be deleting that post especially if it is not a spam.

6. Watch what you say out in the open because its Social Media. Things do get taken out of context and things can spin out of control very fast.

7. RESPECT all the admins ( The Raven Social Media outlets have several admins especially the fan page ).

8. Most IMPORTANT RULE- HAVE FUN AND CONNECT WITH FELLOW SYFY FANS OR GROUPS. You will never know what you are missing out on. It is not a contest between groups. Because lets face it, we are all members of other groups. We all geek out however it may be!

Thank you all for your time and patience.

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