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6th Chapter Anniversary

Folks, as you may know, the Raven Battle Group's 6th Chapter Anniversary is coming up next month. So, let's have some fun! 

To help celebrate it, we will be running a contest. And what better way of showing your Battlestar Galactica pride ( Keeping the Faith Alive as the late Richard Hatch / the Colonial Father to Is All would say ), than a cosplay contest of your favorite character on either the TOS or RDM series while imitating their best look and saying their best scene line or catch phrase at the same time. This is your chance to show your talent skill in acting by sending in a very short video between 1-2 minutes long so it can downloaded here on Facebook much easier. 😊😎. The best way of sending it to us is via DM here. The Raven Command Staff Members will be judging all short video submission. The winners will win the following:

GRAND PRIZE- $50 Visa/MC Gift Card, 1 Raven Command Challenge Coin ( can't be acquired and not available to the public )

1st Place- 1 Raven Ship Challenge Coin , 1 Raven ship patch, 1 Raven lanyard 

2nd Place- 1 Raven Ship patch, 1 RCM patch ( Raven Marine OIC has agreed for 1 to be given out for this occasion)

The date of the contest begins on February 18, 2017 and will end on the Raven's 6th Chapter Anniversary date which is March 27, 2017. The winners will be announced on that day. The last day the short video can be submitted is on March 25, 2017. 

**NOTE- Prizes are subject to change at any given moments notice as see fit. All designs are the property of the Raven Battle Group and are not to be use or copied without the group's explicit permission especially mainly the designer DragonLady. This is just to protect and preserve the group's property.

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