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What 'Ghostbusters' Can Learn About Gender from 'Battlestar Galactica'

This is a pretty interesting comparison....Is it?

The 2004 Battlestar Galactica remake perfectly gender-flipped several of its main characters and was significantly better for having done so. The most prominent gender flipped character, Starbuck, ended up being the undeniable highlight, played brilliantly by Katee Sackhoff. Yet the original Starbuck actor, Dirk Benedict, once published a stunningly bitter and egotistical diatribe against the “bleak, miserable… ‘un-imaging’”, the state of the world today, and the female “Stardoe”. His over-the-topness would put today’s anti-PC trolls

and Ghostbusters whiners to shame.

This is not to say that female characters are best when they are written like men, but rather that gender flipping helps creators avoid falling into gender stereotypes.

Another great aspect of Battlestar Galactica is that the other characters don’t make a big deal about her femaleness. So often, “strong female characters” are shown proving their strength to sexist jerks. It might give the viewer a moment of satisfaction, but by not making her waste all her time battling sexism, Starbuck is free to simply be a strong, well-written, evolving character.

Source: ( Visit for full story )

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