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Raven "Beast" Debut-Comicpalooza 2016

Hello Colonials,

As you all know, Battlestar Galactica Fan Club's Flagship Chapter has just recently celebrated it's 5th Chapter Anniversary as a group. The Battlestar Raven is truly humbled by all the blessings, accolades it has been receiving and continue to grow both in quantity and quality as a group. The group could not have done it without her loyal and talented members, friends and all her fans. During its 5th Chapter Anniversary as a group, it was finally revealed to the public, the project that is being worked. It is a personalize version of the Mercury Class Battlestar, RDM version of the Battlestar Pegasus. It is personalize because it will bear the name Raven-BFC 002 right where the seal will be. The model is a studio scale size that is a least 6 feet long and about 3-4 feet in width depending how far out the landing bay/launch pad will extend out on the side. This model is unlike others and will be the first one of its kind built with such details. One of those details has already been revealed but not all, at the Raven's FB fan page -

This model came about as I was looking for a builder to build one for. My passion for BSG led me to wanting to own my own model and was not settling for just the smaller model. I wanted something BIG that will help inspire others about the show as it has inspired me. It is more effective when seen as they say. I am a collector so I love owning unique things in my collection. So a man by the name of Dan Joplin of D & L Fantasy Arms, came forward and presented himself to me and told me, he will build one for me. He is the same person that I helped recruited to the combine convention of Galacticon 3 and Comicpalooza. After talking with him, a contract was drawn during Comicpalooza 2015, to build this magnificent model for me that will be used representing the Battlestar Raven Battle Group at conventions. This project means a lot to the person building this for me and my group. Why you ask? This will be his last BIG project because according to his opthamologest, he only has about 60% of his site and could be blind in 3 to 5 years and has advanced arthritis, and maybe retiring from doing what he is doing now. He will just do some personal pieces to leave for his family and that I maybe receiving his last and best project of his life's work. When he told me this over the phone, I did not know what to say but felt truly thankful for everything he has been doing to build this project for me. And you know what they say about the end results from things made and built from is priceless and you will hold it dearly close to your heart because it is one of a kind.

So folks, I would like to personally invite all of you, especially all the Ravens from all around, to join the Raven Houston Contingent crew led by Raven Marine NCOIC, Paul "Iceworm" Oakley, to the debut of the Raven "Beast" , this summer at Comicpalooza. We will have some special guest with us. They are the founders of our sister club from the UK-Battlestar Galactica Fan & Costuming Club. The Raven "Beast" will be the pride of the Raven Fleet and will represent the mother club ( BFC) with honor anywhere it goes. And we hope that the "Beast" will become your pride as well too. It is as close as we are all going to get, to feeling being aboard a real Battlestar. ;-) :-)

Thank you all for your time and patience! Our next two events where we will have some representations will be as follows:

Wizard World- Madison, Wisconsin ( Led by Raven XO- Steve Tweed)

Traders Village Houston Comic Con- ( Led by Tim The Cylon )

In Service,


BFC Vice President

Commanding Officer-Battlestar Raven-BFC 002

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