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A salute to Nimoy & a thank you to friends...

This past weekend, I was proud to take the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club into the fray of the Long Beach Comic Expo.

That event of course was darkened by the passing of the great Leonard Nimoy.

At the beginning of the show a call came over the loud speaker asking for a minute of silence in honor of Mr. Nimoy & to raise all hands in the salute of Vulcan.

Thousands of people immediately fell mute in the great hall...there was no sound as every hand was raised in the familiar gesture...all hands, those of the fans of Star Trek, those of Battlestar Galactica, those of Star Wars & all the various groups.

To the left of me Luciana Carro's hand was raised & to my right Kathy Coleman's hand was raised as well and there was utter and complete silence. That stillness passed and then the hall erupted into a full minute of thunderous applause for Leonard.

I can tell all of you that it was remarkable and choked with emotion...maybe not the Vulcan thing, but certainly the most human thing. Leonard Nimoy was a pivot in the the history of science fiction...a man was set and influenced in the most profound ways the course of sci-fi to come in ways that could not be imagined when the character of Spock was first created.

The character of Mr. Spock on so many level's has influenced, informed and been referenced as not to be believed. Iconic is probably the closet description I can find. Leonard Nimoy will be missed...but we can always have the benefit of his genius.


Right now I want to pay special tribute to a bunch of great people who attended the Con and worked with us in our "special" Battlestar Galactica Fan Club corner & who we got to spend time with and share common space.

I want to thank Kathy Coleman, Luciana Carro, Richard Hatch, Alec Peters & the crew of Star Trek: Axanar as well as the fantastic Mandalorian Mercs who took the "good neighbor" policy to new levels!

Thank you all, makes doing a Con that much more fun...

Posted by Shawn O'Donnell on March 1, 2015 at 8:30pm

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