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Galacticon Gold Spotlight on Kate Vernon

his is the third in our series of Galacticon Gold Spotlight interviews & this time around we got a chance to talk with Kate Vernon!

All will remember her portrayal of Ellen Tigh on the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica...not only as the mysteriously "found" wife of Colonel Saul Tigh but to also be revealed as number Five of the Final Five.

Kate took the part and gave Ellen her own unique path and imprinted herself upon the role, which made it so memorable.

Kate is the daughter of well known actor John Vernon, known among other roles and famous for his part at Dean Vernon Wormer in Animal House.

Kate has also appeared as Lorraine Prescott in Falcon Crest & Benny Hanson in Pretty in Pink.

Television roles also include parts on Who's the Boss?, L.A. Law, Nash Bridges, Star Trek: Voyager as well as Spike Lee's film Malcolm X.

She is also starring it the upcoming Star Trek: Axanar.

Shawn: Kate, what was your first Convention experience?

Kate: My very first Convention experience was DragonCon with the minority of the BSG cast. It was completely overwhelming as you can imagine. The show was at its peak and we were like rock stars!

We all had such a blast together, especially at the panels. Standing room only!

2000 people in the room, I've never experienced anything like that. There's nothing better than fan love!

Shawn: So it sounds like it went well?

Kate: Like I said, it was a blast!

Shawn: Would you say that was your best Con?

Kate: Yes, for all that...

Shawn: How about the worst Con?

Kate: That was a Star Trek event in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Unfortunately I only sold 1 photo. When it's not your audience it's not your audience. Hopefully that will change with Axanar.

Shawn: How about the strangest, most unusual fan you've encountered?

Kate: Well, this one amazed me. I met this sweet young couple who had just had a baby girl and they named her Ellen after my character!

Shawn: Ever had a bad experience at a Con?

Kate: Nope, never had a bad experience.

Shawn: If you were running a Convention, what would you do differently?

Kate: Sure people can party and drink, but I would also provide fresh juice bars, oxygen bars and spa treatments. Raise the vibrational frequency. Serve only organic food!

photograph courtesy of Chris Loomis at Chris Loomis Photography

Shawn: Have you ever wanted an autograph?

Kate: Angie Dickinson. My Dad did his first Hollywood movie with her...Point Blank which also starred Steve McQueen.

Shawn: What are you currently working on?

Kate: Well, just finished up filming Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar...

Shawn: So that is in your future plans then?

Kate: Yes, hope to start filming Axanar itself starting in October or November...

Come meet Kate at Galacticon IV: Resurrection

in Seattle Washington July 31st-August 2nd 2015

  • Posted by Shawn O'Donnell on July 5, 2014 at 1:00pm

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