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I do not know what to give someone that already has everything on his birthday especially when it comes to science fiction. Someone that constantly loves to text me everytime he is able to get his hands on a rare science fiction prop to add to his already enormous collection because he knows how much I drool over those rare props . One of these days like I told him on the side, I will visit his HQ and maybe "borrow" some for my collection ;-) :-)

Well before I get to the point of my post here, I just want to say something here first. No formality here ( I am not speaking as the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club Vice President or CO of the Raven). Just speaking to a friend one on one. And for those that knows me, I DO NOT call everyone a friend unless they have earned my friendship!

First off, I wanted to thank you Miguel in public for being there for me the moment my grandmother died. You were the first person I spoke over the phone outside my immediate family when she died. And that is the first time I have shed tears over the phone because I could not hold back my tears of sorrow anymore. You know how much my grandmother meant to me because she raise me. Just being a good friend who was there to listen was what I needed at that time. That is why I am honored that you have made me your adopted sister. Something I never imagine our friendship would evolve too. The only thing I can give you back in return for being the friend that you have been to me, is my everlasting friendship. Someone that will be there to always watch your back like a little sister would ;-) There are lot of things money can buy! And there are also a lot things money cannot buy! And one of them is TRUE FRIENDSHIP! And that is what I promise to give you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRASH! And you know I will get you back for calling me "old " over the phone today because I called you old too. Hey, I am younger than you still and with more hair! Don't ever forget that! HAHAH! ;-) :-) I hope you enjoyed your flight on Cessna for your birthday! Be safe and see you around the BFC site! And like I told you over the phone today, I owe you dinner the next time we see each other whenever or wherever it will be. And you owe your version of ambrosia like the one we didn't get the chance to do during Galacticon 3. ;-)

Your friend forever,

Cherry "DragonLady"

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