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Colony:  Virgon



Virgon itself is actually a pleasant world to live on; rainfall is sparse and the bright luminosity of the Virgon star guarantees almost perpetual sunshine across the planet. Virgon is dominated by equatorial landmasses, with the northern and southern latitudes composed of large circumferential oceans. The term land mass is perhaps a bit of a misnomer; Virgon's liveable land areas are composed almost entirely of large islands arranged in equatorial archipelagos. The capital of Devotion itself has out-grown its island, and at the time of the Holocaust, more than one fifth of Devotion's land was reclaimed from the sea.

The early history of Virgon is clearest; it is the only Colony for which relatively detailed accounts of its settlement exist, although the descriptions of the youngest Colony is largely from the eyes of the older Colonial worlds. The beginnings of Virgon is entirely unremarkable; it followed the standard path of Colonial development replicated eleven times before it. However, Virgon never developed even the vestiges of an industrial complex, making it an oddity amongst the Colonies - Virgans largely subsisted on meagre agricultural pursuits for most of their early history. With the advent of tylium reactors, however, the transformation of Virgon began in earnest. The perpetual tropical environment lent itself naturally to making Virgon a popular tourist location, a fact that the indigenous population was quick to exploit.

Almost overnight, with financing from Gemenon interests wishing to capitalise on the growing Virgan tourism sector, resorts, theme parks, and other recreational facilities sprang up all over the planet. The Colonial rich began to pour onto the planet, each willing to spend their cubits for luxury goods and items. The revenues doubled Virgan GDP, albeit a meagre figure before tylium, within twenty years. The Government's coffers were soon overflowing from taxes, duties and services levies and soon started to splash out on planetary beautification projects. As a consequence, Virgon soon became known for its unique style of architecture that reflected the personality of its people; baroque statues and buildings soon adorned every Virgon street, but always tastefully arranged. Aphrodite's Sanctum is known for its daring architecture (amongst other pleasures). The Virgans also became keen patrons and sponsors of the arts (everything from new age Edge music to toilet sculptures) with their sudden newfound extra income, making the planet a cultural centre of only marginally lesser importance to Caprica.

The attribute that Virgans are famous for is their universal instinct towards sexual gratification; to put it simply Virgans are horny and they are not ashamed of it. Sex is seen as a part of life and something to be enjoyed to the fullest; impotency is a great social shame. Hushed polygamy is accepted (infidelity is never grounds for divorce) socially, and in some areas, even expected. Other Colonials often think that Virgans could not stay true to one partner if their life depended on it, and some would just call them sluts (male and female). Interestingly, however, Virgans are unique in being able to separate sex from other arenas of life; to sleep your way up is considered the crassest of acts, and sexual predation and harassment is virtually unheard of.

However, their tendency towards sexual gratification also makes Virgans the most vain; they spend more time per capita in the bathroom doing their hair than any other Colonials (fact). The Virgans are hospitable to a fault, although they also have a reputation for being "bitchy". They are the ultimate partiers - they are relaxed ("If you're any more laid back, you'd fall over), mercurial and entirely larger than life in both speech and action. As a result, Virgans make the best thespians and artists. On the other hand, Virgans tend to be more superficial than others, and their lack of anything resembling serious natures can be annoying to others. Virgans in general do not do well in the military. They are difficult to contain, and are just as likely to have a bottle in their hand as a fork. Virgans are the most irreligious of all Colonials, although they are very pious when it comes to fulfilling Aphrodite's raunchier Festivals.


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