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The Design

Likened to "walking chrome toasters" by the Colonials, the Cylon War-era Centurions still had their place in Cylon society far past the initial conflict. Iconic features such as the red, pulsating "eye" were carried into later generations of the Cylon Centurion and even into the modern, autonomous raiders (Miniseries). Still many of these models were scrapped before the second Cylon attack on the Colonies ("Razor")


The Cylon War-era Centurions were, like their predecessors, bipedal androids, with an average height of 6'6" and composed of silver-chrome plating. They carried backpack-like power cells and were armed with flexible rear armor which protected otherwise exposed internal mechanisms. Physically stronger than humans, the Centurions were designed with sufficient dexterity and capability of using weapons and tools. Centurions communicated at least partially vocally, but were also capable of receiving radio signals internally ("Razor").


Unlike their successors, these early Centurions did not possess built-in projectile weapons, but were armed with retractable blades, built into their forearms. There are indications that Centurions also used bladed weapons such as swords in at least some Cylon War conflcits. 


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