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Colony:  Tauron

Tauron is located close to the important Colonial worlds of Caprica and Gemenon (which between them generate almost one quarter of all Colonial trade revenue). Surface temperatures are higher than what would be called comfortable by most non-natives. The problem is compounded by the huge industrial activities undertaken on the surface of Tauron, which have ejected vast amounts of heat trapping gasses into the atmosphere, increasing global temperatures. At the time of the Holocaust, the Colonial and Tauron Governments were ready to implement large scale solutions to tackle the problem of increasing global temperatures. The Tauron surface is dominated by two large continental land masses, Eurynome and Thetis.

The history of Tauron begins after its founding, attributed to Hephaestus the Crafter, the Eleventh Lord of Kobol. The gap of time between the foundation of Tauron and Gemenon, its immediate predecessor, appears to have been the largest, lasting almost a century according to poor anecdotal evidence. The early history of Tauron appears to have been largely agrarian, although the fertility of the planet is only marginal at best. With the advent of tylium reactors, however, industrialisation began at a rapid pace, helped by Government subsidies and vigorous pursuit of inter-Colonial trade agreements to bolster the fledgling Tauron industries. With time the Tauron industrial juggernaught grew to over-shadow Gemenon and even Caprica; at the time of the Holocaust, Tauron stood unchallenged as the industrial capital of the Twelve Colonies.

Nothing helped to secure Tauron industrial dominance more than the development of an indigenous space construction industry; Tauron production of civilian FTL capable ships soon rivalled Aquarion (although most military construction continued in orbit of Picon and Caprica). Tauron was the first to pioneer the giant Space Arks, which served as FTL transports for STL ships, allowing Tauron to begin exporting these cheaper vessels. The Tauran shipyards have been credited as being pivotal in decreasing the cost of space flight for the average Colonial citizen, and bolstering the Colonial economy in that way. Unfortunately for Tauron, the planet was also the site of production of the first Cylon units; the Colony was heavily roboticised in both industrial and domestic sectors. As a consequence, Tauron became an important battlefield during the Great War; Tauran casualties were light compared to those recorded on Picon but key industrial cities and facilities were occupied by Cylon forces and bolstered enemy war efforts. Virtually all occupied territories were returned "virgin" to the Taurans when the Cylon menace was finally eliminated - not a single structure was left standing. Industrial output suffered for several years after the peace as the Taurans attempted to rebuild their world. 



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