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60th Fighter Squadron


Squadron Commander: 

Roster Size: 13

Top Guns: 2


Squadron Composistion:

6x Viper Mk. II

7x Viper Mk. VII

Motto: Praeparet Gloria

"Prepare for Glory!" 


What is your profession?


Steeped in the tradition of the warriors of the ancient city of Sparta, the Spartan Squadron is the vanguard of the Battlestar Raven Air Wing. When an alert is sounded the Spartans are the first Vipers in the air, constantly facing down long odds while the reserve and special weapons squadrons are preparing for combat.



"Come and Take them!"

At The Battle of Thermoplaye, when The Persians demanded the 300 Spartans surrender their weapons, the response was simple: MOLAN LABE, or "Come and Take them!" This is because Spartans NEVER retreat, OR surrender! 

60th Fighter Squadron Roster


Spacer for Raven Id Cards for the Squadron Members

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