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603rd Raptor Squadron

"The Seekers"

Squadron Commander: Major Michael Morelock

Roster Size: 35

Top Guns: 5


Squadron Composistion:

x Raptor Mk. II

x EVAC Raptor

Motto:  We are SWIFT, SILENT, and DEADLY"


So you want to be Raptor Pilot?


Well I see that you decided to be a part of the hardest working squadron in the Air Wing. Do not expect to get any awards for killing Cylons here. Raptor pilots are not here for the glory that the Viper jocks get. We are here to make sure that the Viper jocks get the glory of wiping out that Basestar, We find the targets and light them up so the Vipers can do their thing.


Want to see the hottest hotshot Viper pilot back up and take notice? Wear our patch. He knows that he or his friends would not gotten all of that glory if it is not for the Command and Control units that tell them where to go in the emptiness of space.  


He also knows that if it is not for the EVAC's that go out with minimal weapons in the middle of the battle to get the spaced pilots out of the thick of it, That he would be on the Wall of Rememberence and not bragging about that Cylon Raider he dusted while pulling 7G's in an inverted turn.


We do not do this because we are glory hounds. We do this because no one else can. Viper pilots are crazy lot. Going out there fighting Cylons with guns blazing. But Raptor pilots are special, we go out and control the battle and ensure that everyone gets home. Little to no Glory but tons of Respect. That is the job of the Raptor Corps.

What Do They Seek?

The Enemy......Their Signals.....

And Their Destruction!  



You can run but you cannot hide! The Seeker will be there to find you! The Seeker Squadron is the Raven's First and Elite Reconnaisance Raptor Squadron.  A Seeker lurks where you least suspect them. A Seeker will sneak up on you unnotice until it is too late for the enemy to react. A Seeker sees what we cannot see and seeks out the enemy and has the rest of the Air Wing destroy them.  They are swift, silent and DEADLY. If you see a Seeker chances are it is too late.

603rd Raptor Squadron Roster

"The Seekers"

Spacer for Raven ID cards for Squadron Members

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