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Colony:  Scorpia

Scorpia, to the best of our knowledge, was the second colony founded after Caprica. The Book of the Word describes Hera, the Second Lord of Kobol and supposed wife of Zeus, as being responsible for leading the second tribe to the shores of Scorpia. While not as utopian as Caprica, Scorpia is certainly a pleasant location to live in, although the planet is subject to violent weather patterns. The first settlement of Provenance served as the planetary capital until 200 BU when it was moved to the city of Heraklion.


While Caprica and her people chased more temporal and physical pursuits, the people of Scorpia have always been the most devout and religious of the Twelve tribes. Their belief in the spiritual and power of the Twelve Lords have undoubtedly been influenced by the location of the High Temple on that planet, allegedly founded by the Second Lord Herself but dedicated to all of the Twelve. The High Temple was the ecclesiastical capital of the Twelve Colonies, housing the keenest theologians in brotherhood with the Priests and Priestesses who tended to the people's wellbeing. The High Temple is also the reputed location of the Wrath of Hera; nobody other than the High Priests know exactly what the Wrath is, whether it is a physical artefact of some sort, or a metaphor/analogy.


Scorpians also hold to their own brand of honour, dictated by the scriptures of the Book and the teachings of the Twelve Lords; the word honour holds a very different meaning to them compared to others. Scorpians are also, on the whole, a kindly society, and extremely charitable, also undoubtedly due to the strong influence of the High Temple. They are also polite and helpful people (although sometimes overly helpful to the point of being nosey). On the other hand, centuries of religious indoctrination have also tended to make Scorpians view "right" and "wrong" from a more traditionalist point of view, and also tended to fuel zealotry amongst the populace. In particular, Scorpians tend to have conservative opinions towards sexual morality (for which they often come into conflict with Virgans whom they view as easy lays and cheap). As a direct consequence of their sexual conservatism, Scorpians also tend to be insanely jealous and suspicious of any sort of infidelity, true or imagined.


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