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Raven General Membership Challenge Coin

Raven General Membership Challenge Coin

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Email first before purchasing for shipping rate.

The first ever Raven General Membership Challenge Coin made in the image of the Raven pride patches on the front of the coin. On the back of coin, it contains the very popular phrase/ mantra, we have all come to know from the show started by Edward James Olmos ( a phenomenal actor ) "So Say We All!", along with a Raven head graphic on a shield. The coin itself will come in a plastic small envelope that the coin originally came in with, to protect the coin.
  • Details

    The coin is 1.75 inch in diameter with rope edging in a polish bronze metal, 3mm in thickness. Each coin generally weighs between 1 to 1.2 ounces depending on the individual design and how much metal is removed according to the design.
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