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Colony:  Picon

The planet of Picon, colonised under the leadership of Athena the Warrior, the Fifth Lord of Kobol, is in many respects similar to Caprica, except for its relatively small size and mass. The result of the smaller mass is a lighter gravity field (approximately 0.9 Caprican standard) experienced by those on the surface of the fifth Colony of Kobol. Picon also has a higher proportion of land to water, but all other parameters are similar to Caprica. Tauron), Picon grew from a largely agrarian society into a major port of call for merchant ships en route to other destinations early in its history as part of the Quarter; the four largest economies of the Twelve Colonies (Caprica, Gemenon, Tauron and Picon). The change intensified as the number of FTL ships travelling between Colonies expanded, and then exploded with the advent of tylium-powered drives. The explosion of trade between the Colonies fuelled the rapid transformation of Picon from a backwater Colony dependent upon farming to one of the richest and most sophisticated 
worlds under Colonial control.


The upsurge of trade also transformed Picon society; piracy was endemic to the region early in its history and particularly after the advent of tylium reactors. Constant raids and attacks forced the conversion of the pacifistic and isolationist communities of Picon to become more militaristic and proactive in their defence. The mindset of the Pisceans changed over time and military service became the social norm for most Pisceans. In fact, more than three quarters of the population was involved with the Picon Navy in some way or another at the time the Articles of Colonisation were signed. Picon Naval power was second only to Caprican might, and unlike their aloof cousins, Pisceans were not afraid to use it when they invaded and occupied Sagittarion in 37 BU. With the unification of the Colonies, Picon played host to the Colonial Navy Headquarters in Picon City (also the capital of the Colony) and the Naval Academy & War College. Subsidiary naval industries sprang up on Picon to feed the Naval machine and Picon became the centre of Colonial naval construction. In many ways, Picon can be viewed as a navy town (planet).


As a direct consequence of their militaristic nature, Pisceans tend to be operate by a strict code of discipline. Displays of emotion in public are strongly frowned upon, while tears are seen as a sign of weakness. Self-sacrifice is seen as a moral value to be had; the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. Respect for the social order are imbued in them, although due to the relatively class-less nature of Colonial society, this has never posed a problem for them. They are fiercely loyal to and protective of family, friends and colleagues. A common misconception is that Pisceans are aggressive, but this is largely untrue. While Pisceans are not afraid to use force, they rarely utilise it unless forced. Pisceans can come across as uncompassionate people, and on the whole, are largely impatient (military efficiency). Pisceans have difficulty relating to many other Colonials who see them as closed off. However, many Colonials have much to thank the Pisceans for as they are proportionately over-represented in the Colonial Navy.


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