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Welcome to the Perseus.


Welcome nugget, This is the Perseus Squadron, one of the finest squadrons in the fleet. Oh you have heard of the other squadrons like Spartans, Flying Tigers or even the Minotaur?


Where do you think they came from? In order to advance to one of those squadrons, you have to show your chops here. While we are not the most glamorous squadron in the wing, we are the most heavily trained.


When the new tactics or equipment is pushed to the Fleet, it is our job to make sure that the pilots knows what to expect and how to operate the equipment.


That is what it means to be Perseus, we are the trainers for the Air Wing. While squadrons like the Flying Tigers and Minotaur have their special equipment, it is the Perseus that shows them how to use it in the first place. 

611th Fighter Squadron


Squadron Commander: Lt. JG Tony Carvell

Roster Size:

Top Guns: 


Squadron Composistion:

x Viper Mk. VII 

 Motto: Exercebuntur durum, percutunt dure

"Train Hard, Strike Hard"


A Squadron in Need.


Training is very important to the operational effectiveness. However the squadron that is becoming responsible for dealing with training scenarios is missing a leader. The Air Wing is looking for someone who is motivated enough to take control of the squadron and move it forward in the direction of being the best training platform in the fleet. 


Are you that person? Do you think that you can take control of this squadron and improve upon its design and make it the best in the fleet? 


If you have the desire and the drive to become one of the best. Contact the Commander of the Air Group, Col. Keith Ranson call sign "Leonidas" to apply for this prestigious posistion.

611th Fighter Squadron Roster


Spacer for Raven ID cards of the Squadron Members

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