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As the MarDet commander I feel it necessary to spell a few things out. You will not only follow the general orders, you will do so and maintain a high level of professionalism. Be responsible, or you'll end up in hack (and I don't mean guarding another prisoner). Do not show up for duty unfit to serve. There is an eight-hour between bottles and boots rule. Alcohol and automatic weapons do not mix.

Be respectful. This is not an option. Treat all officers and other enlisted personnel with the same amount of respect that you feel that you deserve. Handle personal differences outside duty time.


And finally, and likely most importantly, be vigilant in all that you do. Keep your eyes and ears open. The toasters walk among us, therefore we must maintain a high level of surveillance at every post. They may not be human, but if we strike first, they damn sure bleed the same.

You will also complete all required forms and paperwork at or before the conclusion of your shift.  I hope I made myself clear MARINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Colonel Eduardo "Enforcer"                                                                   

-Raven Marine OIC 


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