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Colony:  Leonis

Leonis was the fourth Colony (possibly third-equal) to be founded; settlement was led by the Fourth Lord of Kobol, Artemis (twin sister to Apollo). Leonis is unique amongst the Twelve Colonies by being in almost pristine condition. The surface of the land masses are almost entirely forested, and from space, Leonis looks like a giant emerald in a sea of black. The only exception to this canopy of forest is the major human cities in the east of the Silver continent where the forests give way to lush verdant grassland. Leonis is also home to an astounding variety and number of fauna, both indigenous and introduced, which thrive in the forests. Leonis is by far the most unpolluted and undisturbed ecology amongst the Twelve Colonies.


Leonis law strictly prevents any deforestation for industrial purposes; in fact, the only deforestation allowed to occur on the planet is to hold back the encroachment of the forests onto the human settlements. This strict environmental policy has turned tourism into the single largest export earner for the Leonis people; in fact it accounts for more than two-thirds of their income. Literally millions of tourists from all over the Twelve Colonies arrive annually on Leonis to partake in various modes of recreation from tramping to extended vacations living in the forests. Leonis law allows the hunting of game in the forests subject to licensing, and this past-time is particularly favoured amongst tourists from Piscon and Sagitarrion (while Capricans think it is a barbaric activity).


Leos tend to be welcoming and sharing people, a fact that plays well for their primary planetary industry. However, there is a line beyond which strangers are not welcome where Leos become close mouthed to the point of rudeness. Leos are particularly wary of physical contact unless invited. They are an independent people, and pride (but not arrogance) is important amongst them. As such, they are also very determined people, but also patient. They also have a sense of harmony that they have learnt from their forest environment, and use that harmony in their interactions with people - they are simple and uncomplicated people. Leos also tend to be very family oriented (but have small families) with fierce loyalty between family members. Leos, while unlike Scorpians who view sex as immoral period, are particularly disapproving of gratuitous sex; sex between genuinely in love couples are fine, but sex just for pure pleasure or gratification is sinful. Leos are also the only Colonials with a streak, if a small one, of homophobia. Finally, they view any degradation of the environment as the ultimate sin and Leos has been known to produce a number of "eco-terrorists" who insist on a reversion to a more "natural" state with the environment. Leos and Taurans, in particular, find environmentalism a point of contention.


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