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613th Fighter Squadron


Squadron Commander: Lt. JG Shane Coble

Roster Size:

Top Guns: 


Squadron Composistion:

x Viper Mk. II  x Viper Mk. III

x Viper Mk. VII x Raptor Mk. II



When it has to be absolutly destroyed right now!


In the midst of a fire fight with the Cylons, the tide can change with the arrival of a Cylon Basestar. Battlestars and Gunstars are equipped to handle such threats but when the numbers start to overwhelm even the most prepared crews, that is where the Hammer Squadron comes into play.


The second special weapons and tactics of the Battlestar Raven, the Hammer Squadron is the Cylon Basestar killer. While their sister squadron, Minotaur takes care of the Cylon Raiders and Heavy Raiders by pulling them away from the Basestar, the Hammers slice through the heavy tides of space combat to get within range of the nuclear payload that the Raptor Mk.II carry.


The pilots of the Hammer Squadron, take pride in the special form of crazy that it takes to guide a nuclear missle to its target while advoiding Cylon Raiders and weapons fire coming from the Basestar itself. 

613th Fighter Squadron Roster


Spacer for Raven ID cards for the Squadron Members

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