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Colony:  Gemenon

The planet of Gemenon itself is unremarkable, being close to the Caprican standard for habitability. Four major continents dot the surface - Hope, Haven, Prosperity, and Abundance, so named after the legendary words of Hermes when He led the Gemini's to the new world "With this haven, I give ye hope and abundance so that you may prosper." The most populated continent is Haven, on which the capital of Covenant is situated.


Founded by the Tenth Lord of Kobol, Hermes the Messenger, Gemenon's early history was marked by industrial development of the virgin planet. It appears that the migration to Gemenon from the home world of Kobol was by far the largest of all of the Twelve tribes to depart from that doomed planet. As such, Gemenon had a population base that supported rapid industrialization, coupled with extensive resources and mineral deposits on the surface. The industrialization of Gemenon from an early stage meant that the lifestyle of its people has always been standards above most other Colonial worlds; Covenant in its early history rivaled Caprica City in splendor. The drawback was a certain amount of ecological degradation that was contained by concerted Gemini Government action.


With the advent of tylium-based reactors, the Gemenon industrial machine was increasingly overshadowed and out-competed by Tauron. Like an industrial black hole, Tauron began sucking the production power from Gemenon through advantageous trade agreements secured with the major Colonies of Caprica, Picon and Libris (with its extensive R&D facilities). As a result, Gemenon suffered a short-lived economic depression during the relocation of heavy industry to Tauron. The Government took a pragmatic outlook on the situation, and deciding that competition with the growing Tauran juggernaught was no longer an option, embarked upon a policy of reform. While Gemenon might be loosing industry to her brethren, Gemenon was still an important hub in the financial network of the Colonies, superseded only by Caprica. Favorable policies and legislation soon turned Gemenon into the financial capital of the Colonies, overtaking even the prodigious flows of money traveling through Caprica. All major economic institutions, from multi-Colonial corporations, stock exchanges, to banks have major branch offices on Gemenon if not headquartered. The Colonial Reserve Bank, the single most important Government institution with respect to the economy of the Twelve Colonies, is also headquartered in Covenant.


As a result of the massive of this shift in Gemenon policy, the Colony is now the largest provider of services amongst all twelve worlds. Its people have never known hardship on the same level as the poorer Colonies (e.g. Sagittarion), giving Gemini's a reputation for being pampered. They tend to be materialistic and overly luxurious; the latest gadgets and fashion are a must (Capricans look on Gemenons as being classless and lacking in finesse due to their reputation for greed). Indeed, Gemini's are thought to be the pettiest of all Colonials when it comes to recognition of their status, invariably determined by wealth. They can also come across as amoralistic, with cubits being their obsession in life to the detriment of higher morals and ideals, including compassion. On the upside, Gemini's are also extremely people; they are witty, quick thinkers, and the ultimate ales people. They often dream up ingenious solutions to seemingly intractable problems, using their natural deviousness and cunning to their advantage. Their high stakes world, however, tends to leave many with undue amounts of stress; most thrive under such conditions but other Colonials think they are too high strung and "type A".


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