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61st Cylon Squadron


Motto:  "Seek and Destroy"


Squadron Commander: Tim The Cylon

Raider Composition:  7

The Legacy of the 61st Cylon Squadron - Baseship Atilla


The 61st Classic Cylon Squadron of the Battlestar Raven, under the formidable leadership of Tim the Cylon, is a legendary unit renowned across the galaxy for its precision, resilience, and unyielding resolve. As a testament to both engineering prowess and strategic brilliance, this elite squadron embodies the cutting-edge fusion of advanced Cylon technology with timeless military discipline.

Tim the Cylon, a paragon of Cylon intellect and tactical acumen, commands the squadron with a unique blend of cold logic and battlefield innovation. His leadership is marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence, driving the 61st to achieve remarkable feats in every mission. Tim’s strategic mind is as sharp as the titanium hulls of their ships, always anticipating the enemy’s next move and countering with impeccable precision.

The Classic Cylon Raiders of the 61st Squadron are a marvel of engineering, equipped with advanced AI systems, superior firepower, and unparalleled maneuverability. Each Raider is a sleek, menacing presence in the void, capable of both lightning-fast assaults and intricate tactical formations. These machines are more than mere tools of war; they are extensions of the Cylons' collective consciousness, working in perfect harmony to execute complex battle strategies.

Under Tim's command, the 61st Squadron has participated in some of the most pivotal battles in the Raven’s storied history. From the daring ambushes in the asteroid fields of Arcturus to the fierce skirmishes near the binary stars of Tau Ceti, their combat prowess is unmatched. The squadron's reputation is further cemented by their success in key strategic operations, including the infamous Battle of Orion’s Belt, where their relentless assault turned the tide in favor of the Battlestar Raven.

Every member of the 61st Classic Cylon Squadron is instilled with a sense of purpose and unity, their synthetic hearts beating in unison with the cold, calculating efficiency of their leader. Together, they form an indomitable force, ready to face any challenge that the vast expanse of space throws at them. With Tim the Cylon at the helm, the 61st continues to forge its legacy, a symbol of relentless power and strategic brilliance in the annals of galactic warfare.

61st Cylon Squadron Roster


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