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Centurions Capturing Prisoners

During the war, the Centurions captured prisoners and conducted scientific experiments on them. Performing brutal operations on live victims, the Centurions strove to create fully biological Humanoid Cylons. Their experiments resulted in the development of the Hybrids - an evolutionary "dead end" - the first of which was created shortly before the cease of hostilities ("Razor").


Unable to create life that could live on its own, the Centurions agreed to end the war in exchange for help from the Final Five survivors of the Thirteenth Colony who possessed resurrection technology. The Centurions signed the Cimtar Peace Accord with humanity and withdrew with The Five to a mobile space station called The Colony. Located somewhere beyond the designated Armistice Line, the Centurions and Final Five developed eight humanoid models and instilled in them monotheistic beliefs ("No Exit").


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