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Colony:  Caprica

The first Colony to be founded after the exodus from Kobol, Caprica has been the centre of our civilisation from time immemorial. The planet is a paradise for humanity, and seems uniquely suited for human habitation. The foundation of the Colony and state of the planet is credited to Zeus, the First Lord of Kobol; the First Amongst Equals. Like much of our past, not much is known about Caprica until approximately 400 BU when the historical record mysteriously picked up again. We know from these records that even at its earliest stages, Caprican society was highly egalitarian, ordered and peaceful (from which the attributes of Zeus as being the Lord of Justice and Mercy are undoubtedly drawn). Capricans are also avid philosophers, particularly of legal issues, morality and enlightened thought. Despite its high philosophy, however, Caprica is also the fashion capital and trendsetter of the Twelve Colonies - Fashion Week in Caprica City is a major Colonial event for the elite.


Thanks to a pleasant environment, and good governance, the Capricans soon dominated the remaining Colonies with respect to economic and military power but rarely attempted to convert their dominance into outright hegemony. Caprican morality and political thought considered such "high handed" tactics as heresy (although there are incidents where Caprican military power was used as a threat, but always subtlety). Caprican resolve to push through the Articles of Colonisation was the single most important factor in the unification of the Colonies.


We also know that Caprica City itself was the first Colonial settlement to be founded, and it is from here that the fledging Caprican Government ran its planetary affairs. The Capricans invested much time and effort into their "Crown Jewel", and prior to its destruction by the Cylons, Caprica City stood supreme amongst all Colonial cities as the most beautiful, cultured and richest City with wide boulevards and malls. The Government compound itself is a tourist attraction as much as the bureaucratic and political heart of the Colonies


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