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Colony:  Canceron

The Eight Lord of Kobol, Demeter, is associated with the foundation of Canceron. Canceron is similar to Caprica; the two worlds share a similar nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere, size, gravity field and land mass, although Canceron experiences a longer rotational period (longer days). Canceran continental land masses also tend to be relatively smaller that others found on the other Colonies, although they are more in number (14 continents and 2 subcontinents). The Canceran surface is also remarkably flat, although why this is so despite a tectonically active world remains a mystery that defies the explanations of geology. Irrespective of its seismology or topography, Canceron remains the most fertile world of the Twelve Colonies. Square metre for square metre, the Canceran soil is more than three times as fertile as the Colonial average.

The surface of Canceron is also remarkably uniform, made up of large swathes of grasslands and plains; only 1 significant forest, the Evergreens, exists (located on the continent of Ileuses). The Canceran distribution of land mass and climate patterns essentially ensures that no arid regions develop. The soil is rich and fertile, strictly maintained in this state by advanced farming methods and soil fertilisation techniques. Even without science to boost the fertility of the soil, the Canceran biosphere is already the richest in terms of fertility and diversity. As such, Canceran agriculture and husbandry forms the main backbone of the Colonial food supply; the Colony produces more than four times the food that its population can consume. Several Colonial worlds including Tauron, and to lesser extents Caprica and Aquarion, depended entirely upon Canceron for a steady supply of food. Thus, the Canceran economy is largely based upon agronomy for income. 


Due to this reliance upon primary produce to earn revenue, the Cancerans as a population are not overly rich; the average per capita income is below the Colonial average. Nevertheless, the Cancerans are also unique in being the first Colony to eradicate poverty amongst its people. Thus, while not rich, the Cancerans are also comfortable. The Cancerans also embody the ideal of many Revisionists (of which a large number can be found on Canceron), or those Colonials who support a reversion of Colonial technology and culture towards the bare minimum needed to main a healthy and comfortable population base, eschewing many of the comforts of modern Colonial life, e.g. wireless communication, FTL travel, telescreens. The Cancerans, due to their pastoral lifestyle, are a religious people with Demeter being the most popular of the Twelve Lords. They are polite and courteous to a fault, while their hospitality is genuine if simple. Their views on things tend to be conservative; adaptation and change is not high on their agenda. They have an aversion to violence, being a "relaxed" sort of people. They are also similarly lax about time; farmers have loads of it so they do not bother keeping track very often, meaning that they tend to be chronically late. They are also un-cosmopolitan; most Cancerans have never been or seen a major Colonial city. Even the planetary capital of Elysian is rustic in comparison to Caprica City or Coven. However, the Cancerans have a unique claim to fame in that their Colony was the birthplace of Monclaire, the undisputed Master of the Impressionistic era of art. Of final note is the Canceran palate; of all the Colonies, Cancerans are undoubtedly the masters of the chilli and spice - "they like building bonfires in their mouths", Monclaire.


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