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61st Classic Squadron



Squadron Commander:  Capt. Rob Tipton

Roster Size: 30

Top Guns: 5


Squadron Composistion:

x Viper Mk. I

The Legacy of the 61st Classic "Blue" Squadron


The 61st Classic Blue Viper Squadron of Battlestar Raven, under the seasoned command of Captain Rob Tipton, stands as an elite force within the fleet. Known for their exceptional precision and unyielding bravery, the Blue Vipers are the vanguard in the defense of humanity against the relentless Cylon threat.

Captain Rob Tipton, a veteran pilot with a storied career, leads with a blend of tactical genius and an innate understanding of his squadron's strengths and weaknesses. His leadership style is both inspiring and demanding, pushing his pilots to achieve excellence in every mission. Tipton's reputation as a fearless leader was cemented during the Battle of Tauron, where his strategic maneuvers turned the tide against overwhelming odds, earning him the respect and loyalty of his squadron.

The Blue Vipers, named for their distinctive blue-painted Viper Mk VII fighters, are renowned for their agility and speed. Each member of the squadron is handpicked for their superior flying skills and combat acumen. The Vipers' blue hue is not just for show; it symbolizes their unity, calm under pressure, and lethal precision.

In the cockpit, the pilots of the 61st are a formidable sight. Their synchronized maneuvers and seamless communication make them a cohesive and deadly unit. Whether engaging in dogfights with Cylon Raiders or executing critical reconnaissance missions, the Blue Vipers excel in all aspects of space warfare. Their success is built on rigorous training, advanced tactical simulations, and the unbreakable bond shared among the squadron members.

Captain Tipton's Blue Viper Squadron is not only a critical asset to Battlestar Raven but also a symbol of hope and resilience for the entire fleet. Their legacy is one of courage, skill, and unwavering dedication to the survival of humanity. Each mission they undertake reinforces their status as the epitome of excellence in the Colonial Fleet, always ready to confront the Cylon menace with unmatched valor and precision.

61st Blackstar Squadron Roster


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