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Colony:  Aerelon

Aerelon was probably founded by Ares, the Sixth and contentious Lord of Kobol, shortly after Picon was opened for habitation. Aerilon, like the other Twelve Colonial worlds, is particularly suited to supporting human life. Aerilon is, however, unique amongst the Colonies in having not just one, but three moons, Tisiphone, Megaera (not to be confused with Megaera), and Alecto, none of which are habitable. Tisiphone is by far the largest of the three satellites; its mass is sufficiently large enough to exert considerable tidal forces on the surface of Aerilon. Even tectonic activity has been modified by the presence of the Tisiphone moon, making Aerilon the most volcanically active Colony. The Aerilon atmosphere also holds a lower concentration of oxygen compared to the Colonial planetary average.

The Aereans (sometimes called Airheads in a derogatory manner) have adapted remarkably well to the physical challenges posed by their environment. The Aerean physiology has evolved in a remarkably (and possibly unlikely) short time to adapt to the lower oxygen content of Aerilon by increasing their lung capacity, haemoglobin affinity for oxygen, and cardiac output. The modifications to Aerean physiology has manifested in their anatomy - Aereans tend to be broad chested and heavy shouldered relative to the Colonial brethren.

Aerean society is similar to Picon cultural norms in that they are also a militaristic society. Unlike their Picon cousins, however, Aerean society began at its very root as an aggressive community. The early Aereans were pugnacious; according to the legends, any little excuse was used as a pretext to start a fight. While Aerean society never devolved into outright civil war, they earned a reputation as a people to be wary off, which they have retained to this very day. With the influence of other Colonial societies, Aerean tendencies towards physical violence have been mollified somewhat. The Aerean of today is no more likely to start a fight than a Piscean (probably because most sane people avoid fights with Aereans).

Aerean society places great emphasis on physical prowess and skill, almost to the detriment of all other factors, including intellectual and cultural pursuits. As a direct consequence of this, Aerean culture is considered almost barbaric by the other societies; the Aerean sense of humour is not terribly sophisticated, and has a distinct bent towards the bawdy. The Aereans are also thought of as being "stupid" by Colonial norms, both in sheer intellectual power, and also because Aereans tend to react first and think later. Aereans get themselves into more trouble by accident than other Colonials do intentionally; they are definitely the most gung ho and brash of all Colonials. Aereans also place great stock in pride ("face"), and are perhaps the most easily offended of all Colonials.

However, the Aerean culture has given them a distinctive niche within Colonial society. Aereans are undoubtedly make the best ground troops, and the Aereans are over-represented in their membership of Colonial Marine special forces, largely due to their emphasis on physical prowess. The Aereans are also a very athletic people, producing a good number of Golden Laureates at the Colonial Games. Colonial prejudices towards Aerean intelligence are also manifestly unjust; Aerean combat tactics, strategies and doctrines are unsurpassed. In fact, Aerilon is host to the Marine Headquarters and Fort Aspiring, the premier war college - Aereans excel at combat and they do not care about anything else. Aereans are also, in general, more "healthy" than other Colonials and are blessed with a longer life expectancy (despite their tendency to get into fights and dangerous situations).

In general, Aereans are rowdy, jovial and boisterous. They are rarely ever serious, except for physical competitions, matters of pride, and military issues where they display an amazing and surprising amount of determination and drive that is not visible in their normal behaviour. They also tend to be courageous, and when the situation demands it, they can be tough as nails.

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