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Welcome to the Official Site of Battlestar Raven-BFC-002

MISSION: Battlestar Raven main mission to help provide the best fan driven experience for fans of all the BSG Series. BSG lives on through dedicated fans such as what BSG have.  So JOIN her in her adventure! 


Battlestar Raven serves as Battlestar Galactica Fan Club's Flagship Chapter (one of the oldest running fan club site dediated to Battlestar Galactica)  .  She was officially launch on March 27, 2011 and was originally christened as Battlestar Tiger Claw but was later renamed as Battlestar Raven.  She is now under the command of a new Commanding Officer, Commander Cherry "DragonLady".  It is a fan driven website dedicated to Battlestar Galactica and fans from all series are welcome to join.


Battlestar Raven also serves as the home to the Vice President of Battlestar Galactica Fan Club, the Quorum of 12 President Steve Stweed.  Battlestar Raven is based out of Houston, Texas but has members from all around the world. 


We are currently recruiting active and like minded fans for a variety of crew positions as well as Viper Pilots, Raptor Pilots,  and Colonial Marines. It is our hope that you will enjoy your visit to the Battlestar Raven and perhaps join us in the adventure. In such a short period of time, Battlestar Raven has proven her worth as Battlestar Galactica Fan Club's Flagship Chapter by leading with example with the help, love and respect of her loyal crew.  


Battlestar Raven is still young and freshly out of shipyard but intends to prove herself in the field of battle for she never backs down in a fight .  She hopes to cement her own legacy as did her predecessor Battletar Aries and Battlestar Pegasus did.  Our main goal for the chapter is fun, friendship, continued growth and fellowship. We also have an award program on board Battlestar Raven, to recognize staff and crew members, who have demonstrated the true spirit of why this fan club was establish for the love of the Battllestar Galactica.  In any organization or club, whether it be real or for fun, a leader is only as successful as the type of quality  people he or she has underneath him or her, that does hard and quality work.  That hard work should not go unnotice and  should be recognize.   We all have real live events but that should not prevent anyone of us from having fun.   We here on Battlestar Raven, attempt to accomplish this by sponsoring localized get togethers, attending conventions, online chatting and online playing role adventures. But first and foremost that are dearest to our hearts is that WE are as a chapter are "family of friends."



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