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Making a BSG BDU Guide by Ens. Francois “Deathstroke” Cote

This Guide will show you how I made my BDU and where to get all the parts.

Where to buy everything

Shirt: I got the 2 pocket BDU shirt but I would recommend getting the 4 pocket one because the 2 extra pockets will come in handy when you do the pants.


Double Tanks: For the double tanks I'm giving you a few options so that you can decide which one you desire to buy depending on your budget. I got the ones from Thinkgeek and they are very comfortable. If you want to buy one thats not really expensive check the last two links: - Gray under layer - Brown over layer Boots

For the boots I just used military boots that I already had and I would also recommend that you do that but if you are looking for the boots that they used on the show they are called Gall 8" Toe Zipper Boots but sadly they stopped production on those so the link I gave you is the closest I could find.

Conversion Kit

This is what you are going to need to sew on to the shirt. Included in this package is:

2 - Precut and formed Faux Suede Shoulder Panels

4 - 1 inch gold painted Stealth Side-release buckles

1 - OD Green Fuzzy-side velcro 3.5" circle

1 - Green or black Hook-side velcro

4 - 8" long x 1" wide straps (for pocket and wrist straps)

4 - 4" long x 1" wide straps (for pocket and wrist straps)

2 - 1" Tri-glide Buckles (optional for wrist straps)


When ordering the belt get it green with the buckle painted gold.


The link I gave is where I personally think is the best place to get patches.

Rank Pins

There are a bunch of choices when ordering rank pins. I'm giving several options so that you can decide which one you desire to buy depending on your budget. I got the ones from ebay because Anovos is way too expensive and the shipping to Canada for alchemy arms is also expensive. The ebay are very good and they look exactly like the ones from anovos except they don't come in a presentation case and take about 4 weeks of shipping: tags

The other links below are things you could buy if you ant to embellish your uniform but are not neccesary to complete the uniform:

ID Card

Pistol Finished


Utility belt Finished

Some info on how to make it yourself-

Customizing the BDU (Older version) (Some updated methods)

Make Sure that you read both version because there are differences between the older and the newer versions of the tutorial. Also make sure that before you sew anything on that you properly pin it down so that it does not move and make sure that they are in the right positions before you sew it down. If you do make a mistake it isn't the end of the world you can always rip it off and sew it back on.

Last of all remember that you don't need to buy everything at the same time and to take your time with it and remember that if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below and I will try to answer to the best of my abilities.

By the way here is my BDU

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