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Raven Tylium Powered Reactor


Tylium is in fact a form of Quantum material that is capable of producing a massive energy release, by simply having it's temperature altered within a few 1000 degrees.


Tylium is a Quantum material in that the molecules that make up this substance have been altered on the subatomic level by disastrous galactic events (such as a star going nova or proximity to a black hole) in such a way that the fundamental binding forces of the atom, super strings, have destabilize.


Unstable Quantum material such as Tylium have several unique properties. Example, the electrons and protons that make up Tylium can not be exchanged with those of another object, as one might experience with static electricity. Physical state of Tylium cannot be altered easily and, due to the fundamental binding forces of the atoms being unstable on a multidimensional plane, any massive alteration of the movement of Tylium molecules will result in a massive detonation.


Upon the discovery of Tylium, Colonial scientists found that by radically altering the atomic movement within Tylium atoms, specifically via the use of heat, they could produce a massive energy release. An increase in temperature would cause the molecules of Tylium to move about more quickly, just like heated air in a balloon and when the molecules reached a specific state of excited movement the super strings binding the atom together at the subatomic level would completely destabilize and a detonation would occur.


Purified Tylium ore, which is produced by passing the ore through an intense Electromagnetic field (most likely provided by the magnetic coils of the ships ion engines), breaking the Tylium ore down into its base components, effectively removing the impurities and leaving only the Tylium. Concluding purification, the bulk of the remaining compound is pure Tylium. Refined Tylium, which is now in a dense "powder like" form, is then stored within armored, heat resistant storage tanks.


Main Energizer:


This is the reactor housing in which plasma and Tylium are introduced. Charged plasma and purified Tylium are pumped into the ship's main energizer. Once injected into the energizer the two compounds come into contact and the hot plasma ignites the Tylium. Magnetic/gravitational matrix, which is essentially a powerful gravitic force field, contains the resulting explosion and the energy released by the explosion is then forced out the Energizer's power distribution node. Small bits of these two compounds, on the scale of a few grams, produce the massive amount of energy a ship needs to power the vessel and allow it to create artificial gravity, travel at speeds near that of light and jump from one star to another.

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